The Good Life - Album of the Year

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Label: Saddle Creek Europe
Catalog Number: SCE-064-1

“Album of the Year” brings the evolving sound of The Good Life to fruition – catchy, moody pop/rock that fluctuates between the all-ages club and the smoky cabaret, right alongside sing-along crescendos that spin into cinematic bursts. Every song has a plan, going to a place that will inevitably involve leaving, being left, or leaving in anticipation of being left. Tim Kasher’s ability to cleverly turn an innocuous phrase into a malicious slur of ill will leaves you not knowing whether to laugh or cry, all while giving you the distinct impression that you’ll be quoting him at some point down the road.

Track List:
1. Album of the Year
2. Night and Day
3. Under a Honeymoon
4. You're No Fool
5. Notes in His Pockets
6. You're Not You
7. October Leaves
8. Lovers Need Lawyers
9. Inmates
10. Needy
11. A New Friend
12. Two Years This Month

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